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In 2016 we started out with the philosophy “Do one thing, do it well”. That thing was aerial mark-up maps, and we produced close to 1,000. We felt we mastered the aerial mark-up map, and our clients seemed to agree because each client was completely satisfied with our work. At some point in our operation, the trust that we built with our clients led them to request other graphic design services such as custom mapping, site plans, concept plans, 3D renderings, websites and flyer or brochure design. And since we were committed to taking care of our clients, we took the jobs and did the work. Pretty soon we mastered everything to do with graphic design in the commercial real estate world, and we saw that our brand didn't fully reflect the scope of work that we consistently produced. So we are now SubjectRunner; a design studio that creates aerials, site plans, maps, flyers, OMs and anything else you need for your commercial real estate subject property.